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Manga that need an anime adaptation

Hello everyone, I’m currently watching a couple TV series that I’m planning to review but until I get done with them, I will share some manga that I’m enjoying right now and I think they deserve an anime adaption in the near future.


19235Beastar, I just got done with reading around 13 chapters and I’m hooked by what I’ve read so far! And yes I acknowledge that 13 aren’t enough to judge a manga but it still offers something different from what I have read so far.

It’s a world inhabited by humanoid animals, the story is in a high school which serves to present us a society model of this world and the students are divided into two groups: carnivores and herbivores, with our main character being the big bad wolf itself Legosi! Which is rather a calm and shy fella but has his charms.

The manga is much deeper as it seems at first glance, It shows prejudice, discriminations between the two “races”, fighting against owns desires and urges, trying to dismiss stereotypes and other social issues.

And all this is shown to us in a high school setting with a bunch of unique characters who view this world from different perspectives. To me, it totally fulfills the premise of being a psychological slice of drama with a lot of creativity.

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