Manga that need an anime adaptation

Hello everyone, I’m currently watching a couple TV series that I’m planning to review but until I get done with them, I will share some manga that I’m enjoying right now and I think they deserve an anime adaption in the near future.


19235Beastar, I just got done with reading around 13 chapters and I’m hooked by what I’ve read so far! And yes I acknowledge that 13 aren’t enough to judge a manga but it still offers something different from what I have read so far.

It’s a world inhabited by humanoid animals, the story is in a high school which serves to present us a society model of this world and the students are divided into two groups: carnivores and herbivores, with our main character being the big bad wolf itself Legosi! Which is rather a calm and shy fella but has his charms.

The manga is much deeper as it seems at first glance, It shows prejudice, discriminations between the two “races”, fighting against owns desires and urges, trying to dismiss stereotypes and other social issues.

And all this is shown to us in a high school setting with a bunch of unique characters who view this world from different perspectives. To me, it totally fulfills the premise of being a psychological slice of drama with a lot of creativity.



Ubel Blatt has become of my favorite manga recently and I’m about to tell you the reason why. It does in the perfect manner something that many movies, series, and manga try and that’s it the quest for vengeance. We get to know our main character Koinzell who doesn’t seem harmless rather than interesting at first but rather a playful childish character in a medieval fantasy world. We later learn that he made a vow to revenge his fallen who comrades who were slaughtered and tarnished their legacy including Koinzell by the hailed Seven Heroes as they are called now.

This series is set as the vengeful campaign of Koinzell who was stripped of his pride and now seeks to murder his evil doers one by one, besides our main character we get an interesting cast of support characters who show us the racial inequality and political corruption of the world they live in, we have well-written characters with interesting backstories and motives. The content is directed to a more mature audience and that’s visible through the sexual moments it has, which I wouldn’t call fan service at all because mainly those scenes include rape, prostitution etc.

The art work it’s at one side beautiful and astonishing and the next page we get to see gruesome scenes and to my opinion, it never gets mundane while reading through the pages.

What I liked the most about this series it’s the storytelling because we never lose Koinzells goal, it has great and bloody fighting scenes and through the nature of the world, we have amazing battles including magical sky ships, god like beasts etc.


U_9389_1A_EMA_DOLLY_KILL_KILL_01.IND11Dolly Kill Kill is a manga that took me by surprise, because it starts as a fairly typical High school manga with the cheerful guy as a leader his best friend and their female friend and even though I was expecting that catastrophe to come I thought it ends up that the three of them form a group and try to survive as best as they can and by reading further it didn’t take me too much time to realize that my assumption was wrong.

The whole world gets attacked by a swarm of mysterious insects and the one who are lucky enough to survive have to deal with huge puppets who turned into killing machines, this pushes Japan into a dystopian state where different organizations pop out, and many others who try to survive on their one or forming small groups in a state of outlaws now. There we have our main character Iruma wanders up and down without the will to live since he lost everyone who he loved. He accidentally encounters a girl who seems to work for one the organizations that rose up in this chaos, after they get attacked by one of those puppets that are called Dolly and from now the story takes a very brutal direction with horror and gore being present but also we see Iruma gaining the will to live again and fight against those Dollys since he seems to be one of the few people that can damage those invincible creatures, besides this we have different characters who all want the same goal but try to achieve by different means and the style of this manga fits perfectly with the story.


To you, the Immortal or as it is known in Japan by the name Fumetsu no Anata e is a manga with a strong philosophical question and that is what does it mean to live?

And the series tries to answer that question with presenting us this mysterious being that can take the form of everything it touches so at first he becomes a rock and I know that sounds boring as hell but stay with me for a second in the next pages he gets in contact with a dying dog and after that it immediately takes his form but also his pain and memories so following them he finds himself in an isolated house in the middle of nothing, where he meets the owner of the dog and he gets to experience his unconditional love, but also how tragic life can be, from now on he wanders through earth and finds himself in different localities varying from uneducated villages with old beliefs to merchant cities, through this environment he transforms from one form to another(Including different creatures) and experiencing all kind of emotions, this is truly a beautiful story with its mysteries and different layers of plots and sad events but also joyful adventures.

9 thoughts on “Manga that need an anime adaptation

    1. I’m very happy that you read it! And Ubel Blatt is dark, bloody and has a lot of fantasy so if you’re into that it may be to your liking, and immortal was something different and I feel like it’s underrated.

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  1. Wow, where did you find all these 😀 Fumetsu no Anata e sounds especially interesting, I should read it.

    Also, when I read Übel Blatt’s title I thought it meant “evil leaf” (going by a literal translation from German), would be a cool name. It was actually meant to be “evil blade” though, right?

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