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Three “Feel Good” Anime for the summer (or any other season lol)

With Feel good anime I’m recommending to some light hearted comedy stories, which don’t deal with political issues, faults of society or anything in that direction, their only goal is to bring joy and laughter to the audience and in my case they achieved that, so I’m going to recommend three of those anime.



Magical shopping arcade Abenobashi (jap. Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai)

In the shopping mile Abenobashi  one shop after another starts closing and because of that reason the shopping mile will be removed, so a new shopping mall  can be build, thanks to that the childhood friends Sasshi and his friend Arumi want to visit each single shop to relive their memories.  And before they can even realize what’s going on they end up in of the most colorful and chaotic adventure, going from one world to another.

Often the anime makes fun and satire of different genres of entertainment which I find hilarious, most of the episodes are great and a few can be a little dull but the anime overall is enjoyable with the way of how unpredictable it is!

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