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Some series that I stopped watching

I usually write an entire review about a single show, but this time I decided to share some series that I stopped watching along the line for various reasons.
7411I would like to start this list with Lucifer, it’s a series about the devil himself, but oh well he got bored of hell and opened a nightclub ironically in L.A. Through some circumstances he ends up being a helping hand for the police in various cases, through his devilish charms and convincing nature he shows that he’s helpful when it comes to solving different cases. Lucifer is a very misunderstood figure in the series, and that fills him up with rage, and that’s what a liked about the 1st season. In the 2nd season, it ends up being more of a romance drama with supernatural aspects, that didn’t appeal to me personally as the vengeful Morningstar did, even though he is still a highly likable character.

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