Three of My Favorite Anime Movies

Three of My Favorite Anime Movies In one of my previous posts”Three anime for the summer” I recommended three anime for the summer and thinking about it I realized that some people maybe don’t have the time to watch an entire series, so I thought to share a “three of my favorite anime movies” and by any means I’m not an expert when it comes to anime movies so this is just my personal opinion.

We are starting this short list with The Boy and The Beast (jap. Bakemono no Ko), which follows the lonely orphan Kyuta as he runs away from his relatives, and after he gets lost he enters a magical entrance to this fantasy world called “Jutengai”, which is inhabited by humanoid beats. While wandering around Jutengai he witnessed a fight between two powerful rivals, one of them is Kumatetsu who wants to be the new grandmaster. After some incidents he ends up being the apprentice of the vulgar and loud Kumatetsu while learning how to fight, their salty relationship evolves more into a father-son relationship. This movie isn’t flawless but it does have a heart, and what I mean by that is that it shows the growth of Kyuta who doesn’t trust anyone at first, we see as he opens his heart and learns to love again and the same with Kumatetsu. What was really touching about this movie is when our protagonist starts moving back and forth between Jutengai and Japan, he gets torn apart between two completely different worlds and isn’t able to make up his mind if he should go back and live as a human or should he follow his father figure to follow his footsteps.

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luther-season-3-posterI heard about Luther a couple years ago and watching the first episode it didn’t feel like something enjoyable, but while thinking about it again and after binge watching the first season I realized how fundamentally WRONG I was! Luther is a deep psychological crime drama with heavy thriller moments, which you don’t see in your generic crime dramas.

We follow our protagonist DCI (Detective chief Inspector) John Luther, portrayed by the marvelous actor Idris Elba (The Wire) who provides us with an exceptional performance.

John Luther is fire and flame for his job and abnormally good at it, but that doesn’t come without a price, considering how intensely dark and emotional his cases are, they leave an enormous burden to him and making him more focused on the dead than the living, which leads to his wife leaving him. So all what’s left to Luther is his job and he keeps diving deeper and deeper into the darkness of his mind and while solving those nasty cases to catch the serial killer he surpasses his moral and legal limits!

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Three “Feel Good” Anime for the summer (or any other season lol)

With Feel good anime I’m recommending to some light hearted comedy stories, which don’t deal with political issues, faults of society or anything in that direction, their only goal is to bring joy and laughter to the audience and in my case they achieved that, so I’m going to recommend three of those anime.



Magical shopping arcade Abenobashi (jap. Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai)

In the shopping mile Abenobashi  one shop after another starts closing and because of that reason the shopping mile will be removed, so a new shopping mall  can be build, thanks to that the childhood friends Sasshi and his friend Arumi want to visit each single shop to relive their memories.  And before they can even realize what’s going on they end up in of the most colorful and chaotic adventure, going from one world to another.

Often the anime makes fun and satire of different genres of entertainment which I find hilarious, most of the episodes are great and a few can be a little dull but the anime overall is enjoyable with the way of how unpredictable it is!

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The Americans (Season 1) – review


The Americans aired in 2013, it was written by the ex CIA officer turned writer Joseph “Joe” Weisberg, it has currently 5 seasons out, the 6th and final season with 10 episodes has been set for 2018 but in this post I’m going to review just the 1st season.

The show it’s about the illegal program of Russia, which was the name given to the sleeper Russian agents posing as normal citizens of the states with the purpose of building relationships with politicians, officers and  academics so they could gain insider knowledge about American operations and political changes. In our show the program was set in the early 1980s in Reagan’s administration and is centered around the Jennings family, with KGB agents Philip Jennings and Elizabeth Jennings as  parents and their two unsuspecting children who are being raised as  normal American kids.

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