Some series that I stopped watching

I usually write an entire review about a single show, but this time I decided to share some series that I stopped watching along the line for various reasons.
7411I would like to start this list with Lucifer, it’s a series about the devil himself, but oh well he got bored of hell and opened a nightclub ironically in L.A. Through some circumstances he ends up being a helping hand for the police in various cases, through his devilish charms and convincing nature he shows that he’s helpful when it comes to solving different cases. Lucifer is a very misunderstood figure in the series, and that fills him up with rage, and that’s what a liked about the 1st season. In the 2nd season, it ends up being more of a romance drama with supernatural aspects, that didn’t appeal to me personally as the vengeful Morningstar did, even though he is still a highly likable character.

Carnivale.jpgSecond on this list would be Carnivale, it shows us a lot with mysticism, as it is the core of the series. Carnivale revolves around two characters with supernatural abilities, one embodying the good, being able to heal others and even revive to people from death and travels with a carnival, and the other being a priest who represents evil, possessing the power to manipulate people to his will. Carnivale has great scenery and does a good job showing the negative aspects of society in the time of the great depression, giving us mysterious and bizarre characters.

This is one of the series I enjoyed quite a lot, but because of my schedule. I sadly couldn’t watch it anymore, since then I wasn’t able to jump back on it because it didn’t interest me as much as it did before.

The series is around the genius lawyer Annalise Keating and her students dealing with legal cases and also their personal escapades.

How to get away with murder, has a fantastic cast, interesting plot twist, but the reason I let this show down is that of its structure, in the 1st episode it shows the scenes from the finale of the season and we see those vignettes of the finale in each episode. To me personally, that’s a turn off when it comes to a series and that’s why I stopped watching How to get away with murder.

16 thoughts on “Some series that I stopped watching

  1. Well, considering the amount of tv series that are currently airing, it is almost impossible to watch everything (as much as ingeluid love to try and do that lol 😂). Seriously though, it’s always sad when a series turns into something else than what you originally used to like it for. But it happens. Great post! 😀

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  2. My wife just worked her way through two seasons of Lucifer, it didn’t seem to interest me at all. From what I could see, seemed like Dynasty with demons. And he had one of those Hollywoodised British accents that sound like nobody from England ever sounds like, which always annoys me!

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      1. I’m debating giving up on Walking Dead that’s seems to be dragging on. Still waiting for Gotham to come back though. Any thoughts on those. And did you ever catch True Detective? Season 1 was one of the best things I’ve seen. I didn’t even bother with 2.

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      2. I’m a fan of Gotham, I like how dark it is and the different villains are all unique, and no I’m not watching the walking dead anymore, they’re just milking the franchise now. I haven’t watched True detective though, is it that good?

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      3. Yes, love watching and guessing how the characters of Gotham will end up — always loved the Batman franchise. I no longer care of any characters in Walking Dead. True Detective S1 is fantastic, highly recommended. Dark and gritty, and McConaughey is so good. Rumours he might be back for S3.

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  3. SAD when they change the focus of a show… you need the same writers to stick around for tv in my humble opinion… Carnivale interested me so much when it came out but I never got to see it and now am not so interested… I wonder why that is? I did not know that about HTGAWMurder but now that I do we will never watch it… lol, lovely list! I love posts like this that are just about the blogger!

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!
      You are completely right about the writers. I think HTGAWMurder could have been a good show if they didn’t add the scenes from the finale in each episode because they had a pretty good cast. Carnivale had a good concept but I feel like it wasn’t engaging enough, and those are just my humble opinions. Maybe I should make more posts like this!

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