Three of My Favorite Anime Movies

Three of My Favorite Anime Movies In one of my previous posts”Three anime for the summer” I recommended three anime for the summer and thinking about it I realized that some people maybe don’t have the time to watch an entire series, so I thought to share a “three of my favorite anime movies” and by any means I’m not an expert when it comes to anime movies so this is just my personal opinion.

We are starting this short list with The Boy and The Beast (jap. Bakemono no Ko), which follows the lonely orphan Kyuta as he runs away from his relatives, and after he gets lost he enters a magical entrance to this fantasy world called “Jutengai”, which is inhabited by humanoid beats. While wandering around Jutengai he witnessed a fight between two powerful rivals, one of them is Kumatetsu who wants to be the new grandmaster. After some incidents he ends up being the apprentice of the vulgar and loud Kumatetsu while learning how to fight, their salty relationship evolves more into a father-son relationship. This movie isn’t flawless but it does have a heart, and what I mean by that is that it shows the growth of Kyuta who doesn’t trust anyone at first, we see as he opens his heart and learns to love again and the same with Kumatetsu. What was really touching about this movie is when our protagonist starts moving back and forth between Jutengai and Japan, he gets torn apart between two completely different worlds and isn’t able to make up his mind if he should go back and live as a human or should he follow his father figure to follow his footsteps.


Redline is a movie produced by studio Madhouse and its production time was 7 years, but in the seven years they managed to create one of the best car movies that I ever seen and sure redline is far away from being a normal car race movie, considering it plays in the future, there are aliens in suits or other cool clothing, and it’s about one of the most famous race events called REDLINE! The story starts with the race in the yellowline, where we see our protagonist “Sweet” JP and shows us a bunch of crazy characters with unique and colorful designs. The cars, the personalities, and the animations are otherworldly GOOD. This movie is perfect for Friday night. To sum it up redline is about a very charismatic  protagonist with an insane driving style who wants to win the most famous race in the galaxy which is ironically set in between a intergalactic war, to be more accurate on a planet ruled by an  emperor who is slightly a war maniac with a large army by his side and huge weapons, I know it sounds crazy and trust me if I say it hella is!!!


Princess Mononoke is one of the most famous anime movies out there, it came out in 1997, it was filmed and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Princess Mononoke is an epic historical movie with heavy fantasy components. It starts with prince Ashitaka defending his village against a demon, in the process he gets cursed and one of the wise elders tells him that the curse originates from the western lands, so he starts his journey to find a cure but in return he can’t come back. This movie has one of the best dialogues in anime, what I also like is the relationship between Mononoke and Ashitaka because if you watched any form of entertainment you would have expected to be some romance involved between them but not in this movie since their relationship is one more based on trust and friendship because according to Miyazaki she doesn’t need to rely on the love of a man and they’re mutual. Also what fascinates me is that you can’t consider someone in this movie as a villain , may it be the animal gods of the forest, neither Eboshi who leads the Irontown because both parties just want to create a better way of living for their folks but considering the people from the Irontown need the iron sand from the forest to provide a better life that leads to the destruction of the forest, so it’s more about the development of human industry and what it causes to earth, all presented in a beautiful way like we are used from Miyazaki.

14 thoughts on “Three of My Favorite Anime Movies

  1. Haven’t seen Princess Mononoke yet. It’s on my shelf, just sitting there… Maybe I should get around to it? :p

    Great recommendations though. The Boy and the Beast is pretty fantastic, almost rivaling Wolf Children for me, but just falling short. Redline is just sexy as all gets. Clean animation, fun characters, and just a plain good time. Not the best plot wise, but who cares really? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    1. You should definitely give Princess Mononoke a try, it embodies the Ghibli magic! And yeah I agree on boy and the beast but I just put it there because of the smile that it gave me even with the flaws that it has. Redline is just a flashy movie and has a lot of visual appeal but it’s the best in what it does.
      Thank for stopping by and looking through my blog, that’s such an honor!

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  2. Cool list!
    I haven’t watched any of these, haha.
    I guess out of what I have watched (anime movies) Koe no Katachi and Patema Inverted would definitely be there.

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