luther-season-3-posterI heard about Luther a couple years ago and watching the first episode it didn’t feel like something enjoyable, but while thinking about it again and after binge watching the first season I realized how fundamentally WRONG I was! Luther is a deep psychological crime drama with heavy thriller moments, which you don’t see in your generic crime dramas.

We follow our protagonist DCI (Detective chief Inspector) John Luther, portrayed by the marvelous actor Idris Elba (The Wire) who provides us with an exceptional performance.

John Luther is fire and flame for his job and abnormally good at it, but that doesn’t come without a price, considering how intensely dark and emotional his cases are, they leave an enormous burden to him and making him more focused on the dead than the living, which leads to his wife leaving him. So all what’s left to Luther is his job and he keeps diving deeper and deeper into the darkness of his mind and while solving those nasty cases to catch the serial killer he surpasses his moral and legal limits!

The series starts with the homicide of an older couple and Luther suspects their daughter Alice Morgan of being the culprit but because of no real evidence they have to let her go and from this moment Luther keeps involving himself more with her, and even if at times that comes handy to him their relationship continues in being a double edged sword because his moral compass keeps getting more and more out of control.

One of the many things that separates this crime series from others is the sharp character writing and that all the killers in this show are distinctive from one another, through fascinating dialogues, unique backgrounds, different mindsets, which leads them to behave the way they do. Hence each case is different and the series doesn’t fall under a dull formula of solving mysteries but always keeps us with eyes wide open and shocked by presenting us some of the most cruel, monstrous and at times even pitiful psychopaths that I ever seen on screen.

And the haunter and haunted scenario between them and DCI Luther, sometimes not knowing who is the prey is something that left me breathless in some occasions because of the cruelty and mostly mind games that you come to witness while watching Luther chasing those seemingly irrational lunatics and trying to read their movements while thinking like them, and that’s where Luther differences himself from your typical TV series policeman, since no matter how tough he has to be for his job, he is still vulnerable, has rage outbursts and simply put out he is human.

The acting performance of the main cast is superb, when it comes to the support roles you could find some wacky acting but only if you look really closely into it, each season presents us something new, beside it, the music gives it the final touch. Luther succeeds in his premise of being a dark psychological drama in each single episode and it always providing us with an unforgettable season finale and that’s the reason why I’m excited for season 5 which will start filming in 2018.

8 thoughts on “Luther

  1. I’ve somehow never seen this which is a shame because Idris always hits it out of the park. I’m even pretty sure I’ll end up going to see Dark Tower just for him despite the terrible reviews.

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    1. After reading some reviews about Dark Tower the only thing they pointed out in a positive light was his performance and after watching how he owned the role of Luther it wasn’t a surprise!


  2. “So all what’s left to Luther is his job and he keeps diving deeper and deeper into the darkness of his mind and while solving those nasty cases to catch the serial killer he surpasses his moral and legal limits!” — This is the perfect way to put Luther!

    Loved his relationship with Alice! It was a sharp but seriously dark drama! I am a mega fan of Idris now! Will probably watch Dark Tower on DVD from library when it gets there! 👍🏻

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