Three “Feel Good” Anime for the summer (or any other season lol)

With Feel good anime I’m recommending to some light hearted comedy stories, which don’t deal with political issues, faults of society or anything in that direction, their only goal is to bring joy and laughter to the audience and in my case they achieved that, so I’m going to recommend three of those anime.



Magical shopping arcade Abenobashi (jap. Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai)

In the shopping mile Abenobashi  one shop after another starts closing and because of that reason the shopping mile will be removed, so a new shopping mall  can be build, thanks to that the childhood friends Sasshi and his friend Arumi want to visit each single shop to relive their memories.  And before they can even realize what’s going on they end up in of the most colorful and chaotic adventure, going from one world to another.

Often the anime makes fun and satire of different genres of entertainment which I find hilarious, most of the episodes are great and a few can be a little dull but the anime overall is enjoyable with the way of how unpredictable it is!


Good luck girl! (jap.  Binbougami ga!)

The story follows with our main protagonist Sakura, who unconsciously absorbs the luck in her environment, so the poverty god Momiji takes matters into her own hands to reconstruct the balance of luck again, even if it means by violence.

This show reminds me of those old cat and mouse shows and I totally love how that vibe is implemented in an anime with adding all kinds of crazy characters, also if you ever watched some couple main stream anime you will enjoy so much their parodies in this one



Golden boy

This story is about a fresh Law student absolvent called Kintaro, who before starting with a serious job wants to explore Japan he gets a mountain bike and a backpack and rides out.

The best way to describe him would be an adventure seeking pervert with a golden heart.

The show has 6 episodes which are independent from each other, where Kintaro gets different  jobs in various fields and encounters gorgeous women  which  he “conquers” with his naivety ,kind hearted nature and good will.

Each single episode it’s great in my opinion because of the great humor and it never fails to deliver a positive message to the watcher and I never seen an anime who nailed the humor genre as good as Golden boy!


26 thoughts on “Three “Feel Good” Anime for the summer (or any other season lol)

  1. These all sound really cute! I’m always looking for some feel good anime, especially for the summer. I haven’t heard of any of these, actually. One of my favorite summer/feel good anime, though, is Barakamon! I’ll have to add these three to my list now 😀

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  2. Interesting titles. I saw the first episode of Good Luck Girl and I couldn’t stop laughing. Magical shopping arcade Abenobashi sounds funny and random. I will have to check on that one.

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  3. Ok, let’s try leaving this comment again lol. WordPress logged me out last time…

    I was sayin’ that your list was interesting, certainly not what I was expecting. Not bad choices though. Shopping Arcade has got to be one of my least favorite anime, the ending just ruined it for me. I’m not a big Gainax fan though. Haven’t seen Good Luck Girl! but sounds like it might be interesting. As for Golden Boy, that is one hot meme there XD In seriousness, have seen some of it but not a super big fan of it personally.

    I see a lot of potential in your site so I’ll be sticking around. Look forward to whatever you have in store next! 🙂

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    1. Thank you a lot for sharing your views on them, I highly respect that, what I liked about those was the pure comedy and parody nature of them, they’re all colorful, and crazy, that’s why they’re so charming to me.
      And I’m really glad to have you on my blog, and hopefully I can put out content that you and my other followers like!

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